Counterintelligence #Investigations of #DonaldTrump and #Trumpworld

#Counterintelligence #Investigations of #DonaldTrump and #Trumpworld

“the FBI probe that disrupted American politics for three years may have begun as a Russian intelligence operation.”
And more than that: Was it a cover, draining the resources, the thinking, the emotional charge; distracting from the true leads in the Counterintelligence Investigations of Donald Trump and his circles?
The need for this type of the investigations was evident for decades. PUBLISH ALL FBI FILES ON TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY, without exceptions; let the people decide for themselves.
Somehow, this, the most important aspect of Trump Investigations, fizzled out and dissolved in a thin air, at least for the regular onlookers.
Why did Trump escape the proper vetting by the FBI? It might have prevented the future troubles. Was this a dereliction of duty, under the pretense of “not interfering into politics”?
Or was it because he had good friends in the FBI, such as Roy Cohn, who exercised the strange and undue influence on J. E. Hoover, and James Kallstrom, who had to be investigated, and very carefully, himself.
The Trump Presidency appears to be the product of the years of efforts, and by the very powerful sources; I think, by the New Abwehr.
And now, investigate Trump in honest.
Maybe, time really came for it.

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