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Trump, Orbán, and Musk. Is this Putin’s secret global private group?


In today’s edition of Ukrainska Pravda Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who met with US presidential candidate Donald Trump on 8 March, claimed that Trump has “quite detailed plans” to end the war in Ukraine and will not be giving “a single penny” to fight Russian aggression in Ukraine. This was taken from his interview with TV channel M1, following his visit to meet former US President Donald Trump. M1 is the 24hour Hungarian news channel owned and operated by Duna Media

Once you read through the mutual fawning love fest, the message is simple and frightening.

There are no detailed plans, Trump’s thinking is all transactional and based on the money. The core message from Putin’s courier is Trump has already decided about future funding for Ukraine. If he is elected President of the US, he will stop all funding for Ukraine Trump also believes Europe and NATO allies will do likewise. He has already let the world know he will shut down NATO.

Trump’s life is driven by the money and his own self-interest. He assumes everyone else thinks the same, and those who do not, are stupid, and based on his previous and current words, they are weak and irrelevant.

Why is Hungary a member of the EU and NATO? Is it because it suits Putin. His man, Orban is at the table where he can delay and veto decisions.

Another simple question, why did Orban travel to Mar Lago to meet with Trump, why should Trump meet with Orban? Conclusion, to exchange information, and to do Putin’s will, which was to send a message to the outside world, funding for Ukraine will end when Trump is re-elected.

Let us pause for a moment and assume Trump is re-elected. He stops all military support for Ukraine, along with Europe and NATO. Let us follow through on Trump’s assumption. This allows for the real opportunity for Putin to storm through Ukraine in a 21st century blitzkrieg following which, the state of Ukraine no longer exist as it is becomes part of the new greater Russia.

Having achieved his stated objective, namely Putin’s domination and removal of Ukraine, which of the Baltic states, or any other state that borders with Russia will be next.

Should this happen, here are a series of potential scenarios to be considered.

What if Ukraine is a decoy? A means to an end, if so What end? Conflict with NATO, or worse still WW3?

Does Putin believe he can destroy NATO and expand the new Russian empire? Probably yes, and he has no problem about creating a nuclear Armageddon.


Putin attacks a member of NATO to test the reaction, if its war, he is ready, if it is delay and negotiate, Putin also wins.

I doubt very much of Putin would find many allies to commit to WW3.

There are several established facts we must never forget about Putin. He can’t be trusted. Russia, and therefore Putin, is always the victim. Everyone else is guilty except him. Anything and everything can be used as a weapon against his real or perceived enemies. He feels neither guilt nor compassion.

Who does that remind you of? 

Donald J Trump. He is the past master of deflecting blame and responsibility onto his accusers and enemies. He is always right. He is always the victim.

If Orban is Putin’s European courier, who is Putin’s American courier? Could it be Elon Musk? Both Orban and Musk have visited Trump in the last 7 days.  Musk, through third parties, is supplying Russia with Starlink GSP equipment. Russia is on the banned list for US companies. One must assume as one of the richest men in the world Musk is also driven by self-interest and the mighty money.

Whatever happens is the next 12 months – after the US elections, we had better prepare for a rough ride.

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