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Playing victim, Armenians try to internationalize Garabagh

The separatist in Garabagh does not accept either the food
convoy sent by the Russian Red Crescent or the convoy sent by the
Azerbaijani Red Crescent Society. Besides, according to the
received information, an ICRC truck is standing ready in the
territory of Armenia near the Lachin Border Checkpoint. The
Azerbaijani side noted the TIR in the Armenian territory can cross
the border at the same time when convoys in Aghdam cross the
Russian checkpoint in Khankendi. However, the separatist has
refused Azerbaijan’s proposal.

Thus, the completely inadequate behavior of the Garabagh
separatists raises suspicions. On the one hand, they make a fuss
about the “unbearable human crisis” in Garabagh, on the other hand,
they deliberately refuse all the humanitarian convoys.

To clarify the issue, Azernews asked the
opinion of Irish political analyst and historian Patrick Walsh. He
noted since the defeat in the Second Garabagh War, Armenians have
tried to internationalize the Garabagh issue by playing the victim
cards. They tried to convince the West of genocide through the
blockades, but Azerbaijan destroyed this myth by offering an
alternative route.

“After the 2020 war, the Armenians in defeat switched to victim
mode. They decided to resist the sovereignty Azerbaijan was able to
exert over the formerly occupied territories by internationalizing
the Garabagh issue. The attempt involved the selling of a blockade
and genocide narrative to the West as Azerbaijan imposed legitimate
controls over its borders. This campaign was frustrated when
Azerbaijan offered alternative routes for supply to the Armenian
minority in Garabagh other than the Lachin-Khankendi road, which
Armenia had attempted to use to undermine Azerbaijani control over
its sovereign territory. The “blockade” has been exposed as
actually an Armenian imposition on its own population and part of a
campaign and it therefore in the interest of the illegal regime to
prolong the show by refusing legitimate aid,” Walsh noted.

As for the role of The International Committee of the Red Cross,
he pointed out that the organization turned into a political tool.
He emphasized that it is biased and could serve the Armenian
propaganda as well as playing into the hands of pro-Armenian
Western forces.

“The Red Cross has been mired in controversy lately. Far from
being an independent humanitarian organisation it works to a
political agenda and acts like a business in many respects. It
reflects Western biases and prejudices regarding Christians and
Muslims. It is no surprise therefore that the Red Cross can be an
instrument or willing tool of Armenian propaganda,” he said.

Patrick Walsh pointed out that he does not know the content of
the load on the TIR, but he ensures that to din the “blockade” into
the West. However, allowing the convoys through legitimate channels
contradicts the “blockade”.

“I do not know what the TIR contains. However, the Armenians are
intent on preserving the impression of a “blockade” to make their
propaganda effective in the West. Because of this they are
determined to resist the supply of aid through legitimate channels
because it breaks the self-imposed “blockade” intrinsic to the
propaganda. Their campaign will be frustrated however by supplies
passing through border checks, something that seems to be now
underway. What the Armenians did not bargain for is that any
campaign they launched aimed at provoking Western support would be
subverted by Moscow,” he said.

Qabil Ashirov is AzerNews’ staff journalist, follow him on
Twitter: @g_Ashirov

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