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Armenia official on Azerbaijan military buildup at border: Risk of escalation exists

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The Ministry of Defense (MoD) of Armenia also announced the information about the [Azerbaijani military] buildup. And in order to avoid excessive stress, other things, it is desirable to follow the official information, we publicize everything. Arman Sargsyan, Deputy Minister of Defense of Armenia, told this to reporters Monday in the National Assembly.

Regarding the remark that there are videos showing that Azerbaijan is stockpiling offensive weapons at the border with Armenia, the deputy defense minister said: “I will not say professionally, it is clearly visible there, and it seems that they are artillery means, it is a number of military equipment. It has been talked about; I don’t want to talk about it one more time. I will only urge you to follow our information, we regularly provide information immediately in case of certain escalations or up to fire from small firearms. The MoD [of Armenia] naturally takes steps within its authority to not destabilize the situation in the region and in terms of not having any negative impact on the general situation. Our region is such that there is a risk of escalation, but we, as a state, must take steps so that it does not come to escalation, in general, to major military actions.”


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