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ISIS outraged over kremlin’s attempts to blame Ukraine for Crocus Hall terrorist attack

It was reported in the Al-Naba newspaper, which is published on behalf of ISIS.

“After the high-profile defeat, Russia found no choice but to send a “conspiracy charge” against its opponents in the “Western camp” to evade the recognition of its great failure before the Mujahideen,” Ruslan Suleymanov, an OST expert who studied the new edition of Al-Naba, said this in a statement.

The newspaper describes the details of the attack: three armed men supposedly were shooting people, and a fourth – set fire to the building.

It was expected that when the russian security forces stormed the concert hall, the terrorists would open fire on them. But some of the terrorists’ weapons failed, and the assault did not begin, so the militants left the scene of the attack.

“Russia is very interested in interrogating prisoners in such a way that it serves to political conflicts with its opponents and covers up the losses inflicted on it by the Mujahideen,” the stressed.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on March 23, the Islamic State international terrorist organization called themselves the perpetrators of a terrorist attack in the suburbs of moscow.

At the same time, the U.S. Department of State called untrue yet another accusation made by high-ranking officials of the aggressor country of the russian federation against Ukraine and Western countries regarding involvement in the terrorist attack in the suburbs of moscow.

Russia was informed about the preparation of the terrorist attack back in mid-February this year.

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