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US woman arrested in Australia over undeclared gun

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(NewsNation) — A 28-year-old American woman was arrested Sunday and charged after Australian Border Force said they located an undeclared 24-carat gold-plated handgun in her luggage.

A news release states the firearm was not registered. The woman, who was traveling from Los Angeles to Sydney, did not have a permit to possess the gun in Australia.

She was charged under a section of the Australian Customs Act, which means if convicted, the woman could face 10 years in prison.

ABF Enforcement and Detained Goods East Commander Justin Bathurst said officer skills and sophisticated detection technology helped stop the weapon from getting through.

“Time and time again, we have seen just how good ABF officers are at targeting and stopping illegal, and highly dangerous, goods from crossing Australia’s border,” Bathurst said in a statement.

Now the woman, who was unnamed in the news release, could get her visa canceled and be removed from Australia, pending the outcome of her court case.

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