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Former Mossad chief calls for stronger evidence of Hamas atrocieties

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Former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen urges patience on Gaza entry; calls for stronger evidence of Hamas atrocities Yossi Cohen, former head of the Mossad, said to N12 news that the IDF shouldn’t enter Gaza at all costs: “We need patience and not to rush to gather intelligence before a ground entry,” he said. “As someone who has overseen operations in Gaza, I say this. It requires a lot of intelligence capabilities.

“We are capable of this mission,” he said about entering Gaza. “But it should be understood that there are two organizations there under siege. True, there are civilians there. But they have nowhere to go.

He also said, “I show world leaders intelligence about what happened. There’s unity about the opinion that we should publish more brutal photos of the results of the Hamas attack. They told me – it’s not strong enough,” they said, according to Cohen, about the photos published by the IDF. “We need to show the world all the horrors of Hamas. We need to allow ourselves the capabilities to achieve the necessary accomplishment – which is to address the threat towards Israel and to remove the threat permanently, not temporarily.”

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