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Israeli politicians to blame for Hamas massacre – they all must resign


As I face stand here now to list every offense, injustice, and crime committed against us by the man who leads the Israeli government, by its ministers, by all 120 Knesset members – know that I am not standing alone.

Thousands are here with me; residents of the communities along the Gazan border, some of whom can never speak again because they were silenced forever, murdered on October 7 by Hamas Nazis, and others, dozens of others, who are still being held hostage in the dark abyss of Hamas’s tunnels.

They cannot point an accusatory finger at those who, through their negligence and sins, brought a holocaust, a massacre, upon us. They cannot shout out: We blame you!

We accuse you of more than 20 years of funding Hamas, of politically supporting it, of allowing the monster to grow and fortify itself, to conduct exercises using live ammunition, to launch missiles at us, to burn our fields, to send incendiary balloons towards us, to organize violent protests on the border of our towns, and to disrupt our way of life.

We accuse you of repeatedly sending our best soldiers on operations to fight Hamas, all of which ended with a ceasefire that was broken shortly afterward, sometimes within hours, without any military or diplomatic achievements and without the enemy being destroyed or deterred.

Photos of the destruction in Kibbutz Be’eri taken in the beginning of November 2023. (credit: MAAYAN JAFFE-HOFFMAN)

We accuse you of forcing our families to evacuate our homes, for canceling our children’s study days, for causing us to miss workdays, thereby affecting both our children’s education and our livelihood.

We accuse you of causing us and our children to live in fear, trauma, and to live in a constant, unnatural state of emergency.


We accuse you of disregarding and neglecting our emergency standby squads and the military security coordinators who were our heroes, who were the ones who, in our direst of hours, were there, protecting us with their bodies. Yet you failed to provide these people with proper combat equipment, to grant them a defined status or fair wages. Such negligence cost so many of them their lives.

We accuse you that regardless of our expressed wishes and requests, you withdrew the IDF soldiers protecting our towns, selling us a false sense of security.

We accuse you of placing our safety at the mercy of a faulty system, on a defense mechanism that in the moment of truth came crashing down like a house of cards.

We accuse you of eroding our mental resilience for years, as well as the IDF’s deterrent capability.

We accuse you of turning a blind eye while an entire underground city was being erected under the Gaza, a formidable labyrinth, a tunnel system used for attack purposes. You knew about these tunnels and did nothing stop their construction, despite understanding that they were clearly a threat.  

We accuse you of treating us like second-rate citizens, of ignoring all the warnings, intelligence assessments, security alerts, and our own wake up cries about a potential disaster that could manifest on this very land.

We accuse you of betraying us, of undermining our trust, of breaching the contact between us and the state. You have left us defenseless against thousands of Hamas monsters who rose up to annihilate us. And above all – for allowing a second holocaust of the Jewish people to occur on the Jewish land, on the land of the Gaza border area.

Facing this severe accusation, we demand two things from you:

  1. Bring home our hostages. All of them. Now!
  2. Resign from office. All of you. From the prime minister down to each and every acting Knesset member. After you fulfill these required actions, we will be able to choose quality and moral leadership that will take care of us and be worthy of us.

A leadership that, unlike you, will be able to defeat Hamas, but this time for real, and bring us back home, to a place and a sense of security. Until then, don’t even try to say the word “victory.”

And let us be clear: We intend on holding the IDF’s top command chain accountable in the future.  

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