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Six neo-Nazis stalk journalist to his home after they were investigated


US journalist Jordan Green had unwanted visitors showing up in front of his house in upper-North Carolina when he encountered six neo-Nazis with lit flares and giving the infamous salute, according to media reports in late February.

The six individuals were there as a result of Green being an investigative journalist, who was assigned to dive into groups with such ideologies via Telegram. The neo-Nazis would refer to their channels as “Terrorgrams,” according to sources.

The report sourced a sign that one of the neo-Nazis held which said: “Freedom of the press does not equal freedom from consequences.” Some of them wore skull face masks, according to the Washington Post.

Nazi groups Green investigated included “2119” and “Blood and Soil” – both of which formed in Florida two years ago.

Network of white nationalist teens

Green’s investigation revealed a network of white nationalists who are teenagers across the United States – all of whom have conspired to enact violence of any kind. It was only after the reporting that Green began receiving threatening phone calls. Most recruits from “2119” are very young.

Finnish neo-nazis start their Independence Day march with swastika flags in Helsinki, Finland December 6, 2018 (credit: MARTTI KAINULAINEN/LEHTIKUVA/VIA REUTERS)

Shortly after, between late December and early January, someone took photographs of Green at his home, according to the Jewish Chronicle. More photos were taken of the reporter when a pizza he didn’t order arrived at his doorstep.

The “2119” members that were investigated had repeatedly shared Green’s address, but the editor-in-chief for Raw Story, the news site Green works for, told the Washington Post that law enforcement is aware of the situation.

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