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2:30 PM 12/18/2020 – Pentagon says transition meetings will resume after holidays; Biden team demands immediate restart | Jared Kushner approved the creation of a shell company that operated like a “campaign within a campaign” and secretly funneled millions of dollars in campaign cash to Trump family members, according to reports.

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2:30 PM 12/18/2020

Audio Review – December 18, 2020 – Current News | The News And Times Blogs Network –

1:05 PM 12/18/2020 – On Twitter: “Russia is not a declining power.” Then, what is it?

Michael McFaul on Twitter: “Russia is not a declining power. The sooner were retire that image of Russia from the 1990s, the better we will be able to address the current challenges from Putin’s Russia to American national security interests today.”

Michael Novakhov on Twitter: “@McFaul The USSR did not look it either. The optics depend on the microscope, metrics, and the intuitive intangibles. Politically – morally she is in her “Black Hole” of the “Mafia State” for quite some time already. 

Trump’s Future: Tons of Cash and Plenty of Options for Spending It – The New York Times | Sen. Dick Durbin says alleged Russian hack ‘virtually a declaration of war’ – New York Post

Suspected Russian hack is much worse than first feared
This is just the matter of MONEY! The costs of a cyber hack of state infrastructure was estimated at $1,5 Mil. The one who pays orders the music. The TOC and the spies are the well known music lovers. M.N. 

В “Ростелекоме” оценили затраты хакеров на кибератаки – РИА Новости

News Review – December18, 2020 – 8 AM: He wants to look BIG: Cyber hack announcement and Putin’s press-conference 2020

He wants to look BIG: Cyber hack announcement and Putin’s press-conference 2020 – Google Search

6:52 AM 12/18/2020 – Audio Review – Selected Articles | My News Links –

Russia seen as likely culprit in major U.S. cyberattack. How widespread was it? | PBS NewsHour

Deep US institutional secrets may have been exposed in hack blamed on Russia | Technology | The Guardian

Russia chases off U.S. warship in spat over territorial waters
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5 more COVID-19 deaths on S.I.; suspected fatalities hit 70 for December –

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