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ChinaTalk: Chips Avengers 2023: Chips Act + AI Revolution

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The Chips Avengers assemble once again! Reva Goujon of the Rhodium Group, JP Kleinhans of the European think tank SNV, Jay Goldberg of Digits and Dollars, and Dylan Patel, who writes SemiAnalysis.

In this episode of ChinaTalk, we all:

  • Deep dive into the CHIPS Act’s recent Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO);
  • Discuss the potentially existential impact of AI on global power dynamics;
  • Consider the true intentions of the October 2022 export controls — from military constraining China to crippling manufacturing in the broader economy;
  • Muse about the potential for a “splinternet” to emerge as countries around the world — in particular, the US, China, EU members states — adopt different standards and regulations for their tech industries;
  • And more!

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