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Did it become a tradition of the Russian Intelligence, after the Sidney Reilly – Operation Trust Affair, to send the open, sarcastic “Greeting Cards” to their opponents? Were the shootings by Robert R. Card one of those “Greeting Cards”? Was it sent by Putin himself?

But who was Sidney Reilly and what were the forces that drove him? To lovers, friends and enemies alike, Reilly remained a mystery. In spite of the many books that have been written about him, often themselves making contrary claims, major questions still remain unanswered about his true identity, place of birth and the precise facts surrounding his disappearance and death. During his life Reilly laid an almost impenetrable fog of mystery and deception around his origins as he adopted and shed one identity after another. Those who entered this ruthlessly compartmentalised life knew only what Reilly himself had told them.

Did it become a tradition of the Russian Intelligence, after the Sidney Reilly – Operation Trust Affair, to send the open, sarcastic “Greeting Cards” to their opponents, like them or Reilly himself sent it, at their connivance, on September 27, 1925 from Moscow to Berlin, to his MI6 Commander Ernest Boyce, informing him that he is allright and in Moscow. The exact facts around this postcard are still quite murky. I was not able to find the origins of this postcard, yet. It looks real, but it could be written by either CheKa, imitating his handwriting, or by Reilly himself. He was arrested very shortly after he mailed this postcard. Note the description of the front of the postcard: Lenin at the founding ceremony of the monument to Karl Marx. The organizing of the shooting at Lenin in 1918 was the main charge against Reilly, and the postcard reminded his MI6 boss about it. 

Were the shootings by Robert R. Card one of those “Greeting Cards”? 

Was it sent by Putin himself? 

M.N. | 3:02 PM 10/30/2023 

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