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Former head sues German domestic intelligence agency


The former head of the German domestic intelligence service, Hans-Georg Maaßen, is taking legal action against his former agency.

On Friday evening, a lawsuit was filed against the agency, formally known as the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, at the Cologne Administrative Court, Maaßen explained on Saturday when asked by dpa.

The court was initially unavailable on Saturday to confirm receipt of the complaint.

At the end of January, it became known that the agency had stored data on its former president in its information system in the area of right-wing extremism.

Maaßen accuses Interior Minister Nancy Faeser of using the domestic intelligence service “to monitor opponents of the government,” he told dpa.

“Opponents of the government are not enemies of the constitution. In doing so, she is seriously violating her official duties and damaging liberal democracy,” Maaßen said, adding that this had prompted him to file a complaint. Faeser is “intolerable” as interior minister and must be “removed from office immediately,” he said.

According to Maaßen, the claim comprises 40 pages and 165 pages of annexes, excerpts of which were made available to dpa. It shows that Maaßen is objecting to the fact “that he has been categorized by the defendant/respondent as an object of observation or is currently being treated as such.”

Accordingly, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution should also refrain from collecting, analysing, requesting and storing information, personal data, information, messages and documents relating to Maaßen.

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