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Hamas attack ends relations between Netanyahu and Putin – WSJ


, Israeli Prime Minister, managed to maintain “warm communication” with Russian dictator , but now this has ended, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Source: WSJ

Details: Journalists remind that Netanyahu stood with Putin even when the latter was increasingly isolated. Even Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the warming of its relations with Israel’s sworn rival, Iran, have failed to undermine this cooperation.

It is noted that the leaders kept in touch by phone, and Netanyahu announced a non-aligned approach to the war in Ukraine, refusing to provide Kyiv with lethal assistance or air defence systems despite Western pressure.

Quote: “Now, after the deadly attack by Iranian-backed Hamas militants on Israel, these conversations seem to have stopped.

Putin is one of the few world leaders who did not call Netanyahu to express his condolences over the deaths of more than 1,300 Israelis killed by Hamas in this attack.”

More details: The publication notes that the termination of the agreement between Russia and Israel highlights the broader tectonic shifts in Russia’s role in the Middle East since Putin started the war in Ukraine.

In exchange for the Shahed drones, Russia provided Iran with Yak-130 training aircraft and is considering selling Su-35 fighter jets to Iran, which could change the balance of air forces in the Middle East.

The journalists also explain that the Kremlin has its own reasons to welcome the war as far away from the Russian borders as possible.

Ahead of Russia’s presidential election scheduled for March, Putin is looking for a way to distract himself from the war in Ukraine, reads the article.

Note: On 14 October, Hamas stated that it welcomes “Russia’s tireless efforts aimed at ending Israel’s aggression” against militants.

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