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The mother of Hunter Biden’s toddler accused him of ‘living lavishly’ while pretending to be ‘financially destitute’ in child support case

Hunter BidenHunter Biden will appear at a court hearing in Arkansas on Monday for his child support case.

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  • The mother of one of Hunter Biden’s children has accused him of concealing his financial situation.
  • Lunden Roberts’ attorney is demanding Biden provide all records of payments to his attorneys.
  • Biden will appear at a court hearing in Arkansas on Monday in his ongoing child support case.

A lawyer representing the mother of one of Hunter Biden’s children accused the president’s son of mischaracterizing his financial situation in an effort to reduce his child support payments, according to a brief filed Thursday.

“Mr. Biden claims to be nothing more than a Yale-educated attorney/artist who is somewhat financially destitute and needs his child support adjusted,” the brief, filed on behalf of Lunden Roberts, the mother of Biden’s four-year-old daughter, said. “However, for an artist living on meager means, Mr. Biden is living lavishly.”

The brief took aim at Biden’s cadre of powerful lawyers, calling them “some of the most expensive attorneys on planet Earth.” It requested that an Arkansas judge order Biden to provide all records of payments to his attorneys, arguing the payments count as income for child support purposes.

The brief singled out Biden’s attorney Abbe Lowell, saying the DC lawyer charges a whopping rate of $855 per billable hour. Lowell did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

“If Mr. Biden can afford a Washington DC, Hollywood, Chicago big law, and the best domestic relations attorney on the Texas side of the Texarkana border, he surely must have income for child support purposes,” the brief said. 

Part of the case also concerns the ability of Biden and Roberts’ child to carry the “Biden” surname. Biden’s team has opposed that idea, arguing it would rob the child of a “peaceful existence.”

“Regardless of who is paying this stable of American super lawyers, it is still an element of prestige, power, and influence associated with the name ‘Biden’ and the evidence of payment is relevant to the plaintiff’s request for her daughter to carry the Biden name,” the brief said.

Biden is set to appear for a contempt hearing in the case in Batesville, Arkansas, on Monday. Roberts has accused Biden of failing to honor court-imposed deadlines and failing to provide evidence and requested that a judge hold him in contempt and jail him until he complies, according to court documents.

Biden initially disputed he was the father of the child, but a DNA test in 2019 proved paternity and Biden eventually settled and agreed to pay an undisclosed amount of monthly child support, court records show. The case was closed in 2020 but reopened last fall after Biden sought to reduce his child support payments.

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