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America’s Gestapo, the FBI Part I


This is the first in a series of articles describing how J. Edgar Hoover inculcated, first the Bureau of Investigation and later the FBI with the notion that he alone would be the interpreter of the law and as such, he alone would determine what was right or wrong.Among the crimes this has led to are: mass murder, as in the case at Waco, Texas; kidnapping, as when Carlos Marcello was picked up off the streets of New Orleans and shipped off to Guatemala on no more say-so than an Attorney Generals ego, and our-right theft, as when the FBI invaded the Gibson Guitar Co. [See, “Obama, Liar and Thief in Chief}

The sad part about all this is that the FBI has brainwashed our entire legal community into believing that they can do no wrong, and that anyone arguing against them must not only be wrong, but possibly criminally so.

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