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Armed migrants smuggled by the Taliban storm Europe’s borders

BorderFILE PHOTO Hungarian police using pepper spray on migrants at the border (Image: Getty )

Europe’s borders have started to look like a warzone with heavily armed guards facing-off against Taliban-backed people smuggling gangs carrying assault rifles.

Recent footage taken on the Serbia-Hungary border, an area dubbed a no-man’s land, showed a man carrying a machine gun pointing at CCTV cameras that monitor the razor-wire covered fence between the two nations.

This route is now being favoured by hordes of undocumented migrants seeking to breach Europe’s defences and according to the Telegraph, the Afghanistan-based hardline Islamist group, the Taliban, took over people smuggling operations last year

More than 110 miles of fencing guards the border between Hungary and Serbia, but every day there are a reported 1,400 crossing attempts making it the second busiest route after the Mediterranean Sea.

A man is detainedA suspected migrant is detained by border guards (Image: Getty )

Smugglers charge around £900, plus a £240 transit fee, to migrants who want to tackle the fence. The Taliban are even reportedly using TikTok videos to advertise the trips.

According to the Telegraph, groups are organised with military precision into units of 20 men “armed with marbles, slingshots and sticks” to fight the border guards.

The newspaper reports a ladder is used first on the Serbian side and then a vanguard smuggler armed with Kalashnikov or a handgun covers the crossing, even opening fire on border guards who approach.

Photos from the area show both Hungarian and Serbian forces are now heavily armed, with armoured vehicles being used to patrol woodland around the border to seek out pockets of migrants.

borderFILE PHOTO a man climbs the border fence between Hungary and Serbia (Image: Phil Harris/ Daily Mirror )

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In October, six people were arrested after three people were killed in a shootout between rival smuggling gangs and in September one person was injured in another gun battle linked to the migrant trade.

Writing on X, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said: “Every country can deal with migration the way they want to, but they cannot force Hungary to copy the failed migration policies of Western Europe.

“We don’t want terrorism, gang wars and mini Gazas in Budapest!”

The leader added to his comments later, saying: “The bureaucrats in Brussels are in the pockets of a globalist elite. The European people don’t want migration, they don’t want war and they don’t want unrest.

“It’s time their voices are heard! It’s time to make a change in Brussels!”

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