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On Intelligence Analysis and the AI – The Procrustean Bed

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Michael Novakhov
#CIA CIA: On Intelligence Analysis and the AI

M.N.: If you “simplify data analysis” you will get the simplified results, which might be good for the weather forecasts but not the CIA. The task is to appreciate the complexity (and accompanying uncertainty) and to deal with it, not to reduce it by simplifying in the Procrustean bed of reductions. Until the new explanatory and investigative paradigm is found which will incorporate the “incongruencies” of these complexities and will “normalize” them in the broader conceptual framework.
And this requires the creative human mind.

Procrustean bed of reductions:
“According to Greek mythology, Procrustes was a robber who killed his victims in a most cruel and unusual way. He made them lie on an iron bed and would force them to fit the bed by cutting off the parts that hung off the ends or by stretching those people who were too short.”
Procrustean Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster

“The AI tool’s primary objective is to simplify data analysis and enhance the efficiency of intelligence analysts by automating tasks like summarisation and data categorization.”

The CIA unveils cutting-edge AI tool for open-source intelligence analysis
The agency is developing its own ChatGPT-style tool to revolutionize open-source intelligence analysis.

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