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Proposed law would require SCOTUS create code of conduct

(NewsNation) — Two senators have introduced legislation that would require the Supreme Court to create a code of conduct for itself.

Sens. Angus King and Lisa Murkowski introduced the Supreme Court Code of Conduct Act, which would require the court to determine a code of ethics and appoint an official charged with reviewing any possible violations.

This comes after revelations that two justices did not disclose financial information that tied them to political donors or major law firms. ProPublica reported Justice Clarence Thomas received luxury vacations from a wealthy Republican donor, which he didn’t disclose on financial reports. Thomas claims he was advised that he didn’t need to disclose the trips because he categorized them as gifts from a close friend.

Justice Neil Gorsuch reportedly sold his home to the CEO of a top law firm. While Gorsuch disclosed the sale of the home, he did not include the name of the buyer, whose firm has filed briefs or argued before the Court.

Senate Judiciary Chair Sen. Dick Durban invited Chief Justice John Roberts to testify before the Senate on the Court’s code of ethics, but Roberts declined, sending a letter with a statement of ethics he said all nine justices adhere to.

Under King and Murkowski’s legislation, the Court would also have to publicly post the policy on its website, in an effort to increase public confidence and approval of the institution.

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