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Illustrators Сreated an NFT Сollection with Different Scenarios of Putin’s Death — Bird In Flight


An NFT collection with different scenarios of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s death was posted on OpenSea. A Putin Huilo collection features 18 cartoons, which portray the dictator’s death by a grenade or a bullet, by hanging or electrocution.

The cartoons were created by independent illustrators from Ukraine and Belarus, who condemn Russian and Belarusian aggression against Ukraine. All the money raised from NFT sales will go to support the Ukrainian army, medical and humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainians affected by the war.

With 10,000 copies in each edition, the price for one illustration ranges between $25 and $1000. In case of selling out the collection, illustrators plan to raise $1.5 millions. The final sum will be shared among various charity funds.

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