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Report: Biden Admin Accepting 99 Percent of Illegal Immigrants’ Title 42 Appeals

More than 99 percent of illegal migrants who used a Biden administration app to seek an exception to a Trump-era immigration policy received it, according to a report, news that contradicts leftwing criticism that President Joe Biden is being too tough in his border policy. 

Nearly all migrants who used the Biden administration’s CPB One app to ask for an exemption from Title 42, a soon-to-expire pandemic rule that allows agents to turn migrants away, received it, Fox News reported. More than 75,000 applications have been processed or will be by April 25. 

Less than 1 percent of the migrants who secure appointments through the app are rejected. Migrants are then often allowed to enter the United States with a notice to appear at future appointments. 

The report comes after left-leaning media criticized Biden for the app, with the New York Times saying using it causes stress for migrants. More than 70 Democrats sent Biden a letter in January criticizing his “disappointing” border policy for rejecting illegal immigrants’ asylum claims. 

Yet the new report shows migrants are able to get exceptions with virtually no chance of denial. The app is set to be expanded in use when Title 42 expires on May 11 with the end of the public emergency declaration from the pandemic. 

The development comes as Biden seeks to give DACA recipients access to Medicaid while migrant encounters have hit record highs on both borders in recent months. 

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