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Watch Live: GOP House members unveil border security package

(NewsNation) — Republican members of the House Committee on Homeland Security are set to announce border security legislation at a Thursday news conference.

This comes as Title 42, a COVID-19-era border policy, is set to expire.

Title 42, which expires on May 11, was a provision in the 1944 Public Health Service Act allowing the federal government to ban people from entering the country in the case of a pandemic. In March 2020, as infections began to rise from the coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention enacted the rule under former President Donald Trump.

Officials say, though, that security will be maintained as they go back to processing migrants under Title 8. Those who cross the border unlawfully are subject to criminal consequences, such as deportation and a five-year ban on reentering the United States, with Title 8.

“Let me be clear: Our border is not open, and will not be open after May 11,” Mayorkas stressed at a press conference Thursday.

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