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Did Ukraine’s Zelensky buy a $20 million Florida mansion amid Russia war?

Dec 18, 2023 08:42 PM IST


A former Republican Senate candidate Lauren Witzke claimed that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky bought a massive beachfront mansion in Florida amid Russia war. In the post shared on X (formerly Twitter), Lauren Witzke also shared a document bearing a portrait of the Ukrainian leader.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky smiles during a press conference.(AFP) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky smiles during a press conference.(AFP)

“BREAKING: Zelensky reportedly buys $20 Million Dollar (sic) Mansion in Vero Beach, Florida,” the first line of the caption read, adding, “These are some photos we were sent of Zelensky’s recent purchase. CUT OFF UKRAINE!”

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However, Zelensky does not appear in any public records searches of property owners in that county, USA Today reported. The pictured mansion is hundreds of miles from Vero Beach and remains on the market at an asking price of nearly $11 million, the report claimed.

The false claim comes as US Congress debates giving Ukraine more aid amid its ongoing war with Russia with some House Republicans threatening to withhold their support.

What we know about the house shown in the post

The home featured in the post is actually located in Ponte Vedra Beach – more than 200 miles north of Vero Beach – according to its listing, reports claimed. Zelensky’s name does not appear in searches of public records that list the property owners. The photographed mansion was still on the market, Kim Bright, the property’s listing agent, told USA TODAY. Its listed price is$10.9 million.

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