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Senator Menendez, Egypt, and the Gaza War

Senator Bob Menendez charged with acting as foreign agent of Egypt | Bob  Menendez | The Guardian

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Menendez is accused of passing information to the Egyptians about the staff at the U.S. embassy in Cairo, ghostwriting a letter on Egypt’s behalf intended to influence fellow senators and urging the U.S. State Department to get more involved in international negotiations to block a dam project Egypt opposed, among …Oct 23, 2023

I think that this article (published on September 28, 2023) is the part of the anti-Menendez campaign, orchestrated by the “Unholy Alliance” of Russia, Turkey, Israel, and Azerbaijan for their own purposes. To me, this article also feels largely ghost-written or ghost-inspired itself.
It is quite possible that this anti-Menendez campaign was a part of the larger package of preparations for the October 7, 2023 Gaza Pogrom (or Revolt) by Russia, and one if its purposes was to blacken Egypt in the public eyes. And now “Egypt does not want to help Gazans”, according to this mentality.
I posted on this article soon after it appeared, in the similar vein to this post. And these impressions of mine only strengthened after the events of the October 7.
Now I have my doubts about the objectivity and impartiality of the website “Just Security”, where this article was published.
I think that this website and the whole anti-Menendez affair should be the focus of the very careful attention by the US Counterintelligence Services.
Michael Novakhov | 8:14 AM 11/21/2023


Robert Morton
Disturbing revelations emerge! Did U.S. Senator Menendez compromise national security by leveraging ties with Egypt? As Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, his actions cast shadows on a our vital #Defense alliance with #Egypt. #Military #Security

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