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US Prez Biden Was Hit With Directed-Energy Weapons During Debate, Says Conspiracy Theorists

US Prez Biden Was Hit With Directed-Energy Weapons During Debate, Says Conspiracy TheoristsSome folks on social media have been speculating about President Joe Biden’s recent debate performance wherein the president looked puzzled and frequently spoke haltingly with a blank stare in his eyes. Some conspiracy theorists speculate that Biden’s stumbles were due to a directed energy weapon attack, possibly related to Havana Syndrome. Havana Syndrome, also known as anomalous health incidents, is a mysterious condition reported primarily by U.S. diplomatic, intelligence, and military officials stationed overseas.Social media influencer Igor Sushko even cited a former KGB spy, Yuri Shvets, who defected to the U.S. in 1993. Shvets suggested that Biden’s symptoms during the CNN debate resembled Havana Syndrome, and he floated another conspiracy theory involving a Russian government plane¹. However, it’s essential to approach such claims with skepticism and rely on evidence-based assessments.

🚨 URGENT: Scientist whose previous work included directed energy beam research for the US intelligence community said Biden’s symptoms during the CNN debate made him think of the Havana Syndrome.
This is according to former KGB spy Yuri Shvets who defected to the US in 1993.

— Igor Sushko (@igorsushko) July 1, 2024

Those affected with Havana Syndrome experience acute symptoms like sudden onset of perceived loud sounds, visual disturbances, intense pressure or vibration in the head, and pain in the ear or head. Chronic symptoms include balance issues, cognitive problems, insomnia, and headaches. The first cases were reported by U.S. and Canadian embassy staff in Havana, Cuba, but incidents have occurred in other locations as well. Some theories suggest attacks by unidentified foreign actors, while others blame unknown technologies like ultrasound or microwave weapons. The cause remains unknown and controversial. Studies have ruled out hostile power involvement, and psychogenic factors, environmental causes, or pre-existing medical conditions are being explored as potential causes.In March 2023, U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that foreign adversaries’ involvement was “very unlikely” in causing Havana syndrome. It is to be noted that conspiracy theories can be captivating, but critical thinking and evidence-based analysis are crucial to separate fact from fiction.

Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs)

While directed-energy weapons (DEWs) have been a topic of interest in both science fiction and real-world military research, the scientific evidence regarding their health effects is still limited.DEWs encompass various technologies, including lasers, microwaves, and particle beams. They can be used for communication, surveillance, or even as weapons. These devices emit microwave radiation, which can potentially cause tissue heating and damage. However, the specific health effects depend on factors like frequency, power, and exposure duration.Some non-lethal DEWs are designed to disperse crowds or deter individuals without causing permanent harm. These typically use low-power microwave or acoustic energy.As mentioned earlier, Havana Syndrome has been associated with directed energy exposure. However, the exact mechanism remains unclear. Rigorous scientific studies on DEW health effects are scarce due to ethical concerns and limited access to classified information. Different DEW types, exposure levels, and individual susceptibilities make it challenging to draw definitive conclusions. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, in the US, conducted a study on Havana Syndrome, but their report did not definitively link it to DEWS. Some studies suggest that microwave exposure can cause neurological symptoms, but more research is needed.

In summary, while there’s intriguing evidence and speculation, we lack conclusive scientific proof regarding DEWs’ health impact. Researchers continue to investigate, but for now, skepticism and critical analysis are essential.

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